Sprinkler Blow Out

Winterize your sprinkler system by shutting it down and blowing it out every fall. For one thing, shutting down your system not only prevents freezing but also prolongs the life of your sprinkler. Simply shut down your system using the steps below, then call us to perform a sprinkler blow out before the ground freezes.

How To Shut Down Your Sprinkler blow out

How To Blow Out Your Sprinklers

  1. Start manual cycle on your control clock.
  2. Close Valve C by turning the lever perpendicular to the pipe. This shuts off water from the system.
  3. Turn Valves A and B to a 45-degree angle. Leave valves at 45 degrees all winter.
  4. Using a flat screwdriver, turn Test Ports to the open position. Leave open all winter.
  5. Open the spigot valves on the outside of the house. Leave open all winter.
  6. Place a bucket under the spigot valve on the inside of the house (if you have one), open, and let water drain out. Leave open all winter.
  7. After the control clock has completed the manual cycle, turn it to the ‘Off’ position and unplug.

When and Why Should I Winterize My Sprinkler System?

It is crucial that you winterize your sprinkler system and complete the blow out process before the first freeze of the year. We recommend that you schedule a sprinkler blow out service in the fall. Certainly don’t wait till the temperature drops below freezing!

Just because your sprinkler system is underground does not mean it’s immune to freezing. This is especially true for locations like Sioux Falls, where the ground can freeze for months on end. Without proper winterization and blow out, any water that is left in your system will freeze and expand when the ground freezes. This can result in broken or cracked pipes, broken sprinklers, and/or damaged valves.

Instructions for winterizing your system and shutting down your sprinkler system are indicated above. As the owner of the system, you are responsible for shutting down the system and draining the vacuum breaker by following the procedures listed.

Sprinkler Blow Out Services in Sioux Falls, SD

Once you have shut down your sprinkler system, please call our office to be placed on our blow out list. We will complete all blowouts before the ground is frozen.

You do not need to be home for our technicians to perform the blow out, but the water to your system MUST be shut off when we come to blow it out. If the water is not shut off, we cannot perform the blow out, and you will still be charged.

Our blowout fees are $85 plus tax for residential systems, $125 plus tax for lake systems, and commercial systems vary depending on size. Properties 20 or more miles outside of the Sioux Falls area are subject to a $10 mileage fee.

SodBusters Inc. guarantees the winterization of your sprinkler system from the point of blow out and below; this does not include the vacuum breaker, above-ground pipes, or lake pump.

After your sprinkler system is blown out and the winter months have passed, you’ll want to get a sprinkler start up for the spring. Thankfully, our team at B Green & SodBusters can help you with that too!

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